Welcome to the home of Fresh Products !

Because Fresh Box understands the value of everything healthy, we stand today as one of the Egyptian leading exporters of healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables, coming straight from distant farms to you. Fresh is healthy, clean and delicious. Fresh is Fresh Box.

Established in early 2007, Fresh Box grew to become one of new shining stars in the fresh produce export business. In its ongoing efforts to become the regional benchmark of the industry.

Today, our high‐quality products are on the shelves in several countries over the world; testifying to our constant strives for world‐class standards and exceptional customer satisfaction.

A global presence.

Since establishment, Fresh Box has developed strong export activities. As a result, our exports and sales continue to increase at a fast pace. Our experience ensures that high quality Fresh Box products are present in Europe, The Middle East and other parts of the world..

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