Quality - “It’s the last few minu tes that really matter”

Welcome to the home of Fresh Products !

Fresh Box has a fully equipped and professional staff, thoroughly screening the crops and continuously testing throughout packaging and shipping with exact standards for final products.

We size the fruit and we grade it for beauty. Sometimes the product will be wind scarred, has a bulge on the stem, or even has a minor defect, but we won’t

accept it. We really mean it when we say we accept only the best quality that should be associated with our brand.

Food safety is never compromised till it reaches every retail store; it must be fresh, as we get it from the farm. The objective of Fresh Box is the delivery of a high quality product packed in accordance with the European requirements.

Listening, Responding, Building Trust

  • Listening to our customers is also an important aspect of delivering products with superior quality and value. We strive to understand their needs and incorporate them in our products, packages and services. Customers trust Fresh Box products and we work to keep that trust.
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